Posted on Nov 3, 2011

Do Not Refuse to Re-fuse!!

The jewelery class coming up November 23 is a great opportunity to make one of a kind Christmas gifts or just add a little sparkle to your collection.

Have never cut glass before?  No problem!!  You’ll be in good hands with Heather, the instructor, who is a fused glass jewelery artist herself, and she will lead you through it.

Transparent and solid coloured glass, funky patterned and dichroic glasses, frits and powder, decals, rods and noodles are here for you to play with.  And techniques like acid etching allow you to draw your own design and fuse it right into the glass to make your piece even more original.

You’ll be walking out (well, they need to be fused in the kiln after you leave so you’ll be picking up on later days, to be more accurate) fantastic jewelery pieces, you can stick with pendant or branched out to bracelet or earrings.

So join us!!  Discover an art of fusing glass!!