Posted on Jan 14, 2016


A large addition being constructed on the back of a lovely Westboro home certainly did not go as planned. The contractor, upon receiving a hefty progress payment, simply departed in the middle of the project, never to be seen again. Not only were the homeowners left high and dry, it soon became apparent that the suppliers and sub-trades on the job and even the contractor’s own employees had not been paid either. The project ground to a halt, unfinished and exposed to the elements as the colder weather approached.
Luckily, a new contractor came to their rescue and completed the project in a speedy and superb fashion and the weather cooperated to make it all possible.
The feature design element, around which the addition was planned, was installed just before Christmas. The stained glass arch, restored by Northern Art Glass, was originally from a convent on Sussex Drive.
We were the last workers on the job but the addition was finally finished when we left.