Posted on Mar 7, 2016


Northern Art Glass continues year two of a restoration of historic stained glass windows at the West Block on Parliament Hill. This is a beautiful eight pointed ‘rose’ window close to five feet across. The window opening is prominently located above the South entrance overlooking Wellington Street. This original painted and stenciled window dates to the early 1870’s. Our restoration is the first intervention in 145 years. Several of the large petal shapes and most of the outer border panes are replacements painted to match ones which were too badly damaged to save. Our mandate is to save as much of the original materials as possible. If we have all the pieces, we use hxtal, a museum quality epoxy, to permanently glue the pane back together. Hxtal is optically very close to that of glass so many cracks seem to disappear. Stay tuned for a view of the completed ‘rose’ as we get ready to reinstall it.