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Here's a way to be a responsible citizen and be creative while doing it! It's the art of "re-purposing and up-cycling".


The lamp base for this lamp was found at Value Village. There was no lamp shade with it, nor harp nor bulb. Just the angel looking rather lonely. I modified one of the lamp patterns we have at Northern Art Glass so that I'd be able to see the Angel's wings and face. A bulb of small wattage was just enough to shine enough light to accent the Angel's features. It makes a beautiful night light and reminds its owner that it's better to re-purpose and up-cycle than to trash things. As it has been said: "One person's trash is another person's treasure!"

If you're feeling creative and would like to re-purpose or up-cycle something to a stunningly beautiful lamp, check out our in store lamp patterns as well as our Deluxe Starter Kit that is on sale.

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  • Mimi on

    Great idea!

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