Crysler Window – War of 1812

Restoration Stained Glass

There is renewed interest in the events of the War of 1812 as we celebrate the 200th anniversary this year.

In 1993, Northern Art Glass removed an altar window from St. John’s Anglican Church in the village of Crysler. The church was slated for demolition. The crated glass, complete with photos and sizes, was delivered to storage at Upper Canada Village. The window had originally been donated in 1865 by his wife in memory of Col. John Crysler. John Crysler was a member of the milita and the Battle of Crysler’s Farm was fought on his property in November of 1813. The British and the militia won a victory over an American force which greatly outnumbered them.

Northern Art Glass recently retrieved this crate, 18 years later, and restored the Crysler window to it’s original condition for permanent display at Crylser Hall in Upper Canada Village. Crysler’s Farm Battlefield is a National Historic site immediately adjacent to Upper Canada Village. Crysler Hall was built by his son, John Pliny Crysler. The building was saved and occupies a prominent spot in the village.

Crysler’s window has come home again.

Originally posted on Jan 2, 2012

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