Quick Beginner's Guide to Stained Glass

Thinking of taking up stained glass as a new hobby? Stained glass is easier than it seems! Although it does require a special set of tools, you'll find that the process of turning your designs into beautiful art pieces is quite simple.

What you need to start:

Glass Cutter (Pencil grip or Pistol grip)
Copper Foil (We recommend 7/32'' for beginners!)
Soldering Iron and Stand (Purchase or rent for us!)
Square Ruler (with cork back)
Marker and Pencil
Patterns (Click here for free patterns!)

Your Glass Journey starts here ✨

Get ready to learn, start learning the art of glass today! Check out our free instruction sheets and video tutorials, download our free patterns or visit our artists' creations for inspiration.

 Looking for the Ultimate Starter kit?

Get your creative juices flowing with this Deluxe Start-Up Kit that contains everything you need to get started on a stained glass project.




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