JELLO JEWELS??? Or Dalle de verre!


Well that's what they look like but they are actually made of glass. They are better known as a Dalle de Verre, which is the French term for slab of glass. They are very thick pieces of glass that add a spectacular 3D dimension to art glass.

The technique was developed by Jean Gaudin in Paris in the 1930s.

A beautiful display of this kind of glass can be seen at the once convent that is now 'The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada' in Ottawa.

We have had the privilege of removing and restoring a multitude of dalle studded windows that adorn the main meeting hall.


These Dalle de Verre can be ordered from Northern Art Glass in a large variety of colors. 

Keep an eye out for our upcoming video lessons at NAG GLASS SOLUTIONS.


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  • Roger Desjardins on

    Is it possible to buy some slabglass at yourplace

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