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Northern Art Glass offers a kiln firing service for customer’s fused glass projects.

Order our service online and schedule a drop off with us! The average time frame from drop off to finished product is 24-48 hours. Two formats are available, a Tack Fuse at 1350 degrees or a Full Fuse at 1450 degrees.

Cost depends on the size and/or quantity of your project pieces. Shelf dimensions are as follows:

7.5” square (small kiln), 14” square (medium kiln) & 23” round (large kiln)

The Basics of Glass Fusing

Glass, a solid, fragile material that we are all familiar with. When heated in a kiln, its physical properties change from rigid to a soft plastic state, impervious to thermal shock or stress. This means that you can open the kiln to view the progress without putting the project at risk.

As the temperature rises through the heating process, there are more options for forming or manipulating the glass:

There are specific heating and cooling principles for projects in the kiln. Layers of glass have to warm up uniformly to avoid thermal shock. On the cooling cycle, glass must go slowly through an annealing stage as it reverts back to a solid form. Annealing is the process by which stress in the glass is relieved and the glass is allowed to return to a stable solid form. Compatibility is required when combining two or more type or colours of glass together.

"Do not add other kinds of glass to your projects and expect success. Project breakage will result!"

Glass manufacturers have developed different product lines of tested compatible glass and accessories, including: frit powders, stringers, noodles and dichroic glass. System 96 is an extensive product line including Spectrum and Uroborus glass now under the Oceanside label and Wissmach 96 Glass.

See System 96 products for fusing here.

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