St. Isidore Catholic Church

Restoration Stained Glass

St. Isidore will be opening it’s doors mid-December.

The new building is larger, brighter and energy efficient; radiant heating in the floor and low - E thermal panes in every door and window for starters. The parishioners will be celebrating Christmas in a stunning new church.

Northern Art Glass is contributing memories from the original church. We are presently installing 40 windows from the first 100+ years of St. Isidore complete with dedications from the founding families, many of whose descendants are still worshiping at the church.

The stained glass panels have been cleaned, refurbished and resized to fit new frames. Northern Art Glass also fabricated 12 new arched panels to replicate original detail. The final transformation will be a new 9′ dia. circle altar window with a “Resurrection” theme. Stay tuned. More on this project to follow.

Originally posted on Nov 13, 2011

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