St. Isidore Catholic Church continued.

Project Ideas Stained Glass

A new stained glass window, a 9.5 ft. dia. “Resurrection” theme, is now installed high above the altar at St. Isidore Catholic church.

This project took Northern Art Glass four months from design to installation with the knowledge that this would be an important feature of the new church building. Many of you who visited the studio have seen this work in progress. Projects in the studio are a collaborative effort, however, Vasile Mosanu deserves all the credit here. Vasile designed the full size artwork and cut and painted each pane of glass. The result is spectacular.

The window is designed in four sections to fit the circular frame. The location, 50 feet above the altar, posed some degree of difficulty. The crew installed the curved aluminum glazing stops, screen vents and support system the previous day in preparation for the main event. On day two the stained glass went in. One at a time, each panel, was raised up on the lift and secured in the frame.

There was a considerable audience in the church to see the puzzle finished as the fourth panel was lifted into place. The new St. Isidore church will be open in mid Dec.

Originally posted on Dec 2, 2011

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