Tiffany Lamp at Northern Art Glass

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Louis Comfort Tiffany left a legacy of stunning, nature inspired glass lamps shades. There is a renewed interest in the art of lamp building.

Patterns and shaped forms in a multitude of sizes and shapes are available for the stained glass enthusiast to emulate. A Tiffany designed ‘Dragonfly’ lamp is underway at Northern Art Glass. Donna Edmondson has selected a yellow/red/green Uroborus glass as the primary background. The dragonflies themselves are a translucent amber with wings of green and yellow granite streaky. Donna has made fused green jewels for the eyes in the kiln. Red and amber borders will complete the look. The lamp is being constructed using a Worden form and pattern.

When the lamp is finished, we’ll post a photo array of the fabrication process from beginning to end. It just might be the inspiration you need get started on a showpiece lamp of your own.

Originally posted on Jan 12, 2013

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