West Block Stained Glass

Restoration Stained Glass

The West Block on Parliament Hill has been a work in progress for over 7 years. The original stained and leaded glass windows were taken out for safe keeping early in the game. Northern Art Glass removed this rose window, high above the southwest entrance, facing Wellington Street, in 2012. The window underwent a complete restoration process in 2014. Approximately 35% of the original glass had to be either replaced, painted to match by Vasile Mosanu, or cracked panes glued together with hxtal epoxy, a museum conservation product. We recently got the go ahead to install the rose panel, the last of more than a dozen other windows we’ve installed on site in 2017. One more is scheduled for 2018. We have done our job well if you cannot tell which panes are new painted pieces or glued together in this magnificent window.

Oct 7, 2017

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