Miracle Mudd Grout mix

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Use Miracle Mudd to strengthen and weatherproof your panel made of lead/zinc or brass cames. 2-Part mix is easy to mix to your preferred consistency when you need it!

  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Very low odour
  • Covers 3-4 Square Feet

Click here for SDS sheet (dry) and SDS sheet (liquid)


1. Pour the liquid into a mixing container. Stir and add a little powder at a time. Once it appears to be the preferred consistency (brownie or cookie batter texture) allow it to set for 10 - 20 minutes, then stir again before use.

2. Apply to your project with a bristle brush, pushing the Miracle Mudd under the came.

3. Apply whiting powder and clean your project promptly to remove excess Miracle Mudd. Allow project to dry flat 24 - 48 hours. Check our general grouting instruction sheet for picking and buffing steps by clicking here.

Note: Depending on the weather conditions, cleanup can begin immediately, but if the weather is cool or damp, wait the minimum time. If it is warm and dry, begin cleaning immediately. It is important that Miracle Mudd be cleaned from the lead came surface and any textured glass promptly, or it will be difficult to impossible to remove once it has had time to set up.