How To Start A Custom Order

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We know that the idea of creating a custom stained glass window can be intimidating. Our expert artisans will assist you every step of the way from design concept to completion. The process can be split into 5 steps making the experience enjoyable!

Step 1. Contact

The first step in the process is to contact us. Some projects may be started with a consultation over the phone 613-722-4852, via email at or in person. At our initial consultation, we will discuss the following together:

  • Dimension, use and final placement
  • Design direction (subject, style, preferred color etc.)
  • Rough timeline and budget

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Step 2. Proposal & Deposit

Relying on notes from the initial consultation, options will be proposed to you. After determining a direction, we will provide you with a quote along with an estimated timetable for delivery. If you decide to proceed, you will be asked to provide a deposit. 

Step 3. Design & Glass Selection

A full scale drawing of your project will be prepared for your review. You determine if any changes are required with our artisans. Upon approval, we move on to the glass selection. Our artisans will help you choose the right glass from our large selection. We encourage you to bring in paint, carpet, or tile samples.   

Step 4. Production

After all artwork and glass selections have been finalised and approved, our team of skilled craftsmen will begin fabricating! 

Step 5. Completion

You will be notified when your custom piece is completed and ready to be picked-up, delivered, installed or shipped.

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