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Our team at Northern Art Glass are well known professionals in the field of heritage glass restoration. Our firm has completed many major restoration projects in Eastern Ontario and West Quebec since 1978. Heritage Canada Magazine featured our restoration work in Spring, 1987 and again in the Fall issue, 2008. Northern Art Glass has worked in more than 100 churches and cathedrals, Parliament Hill, embassies, museums and numerous other heritage buildings throughout the Ottawa Valley.

Residential and commercial leaded glass repair is an important part of our business. We offer free estimates for your damaged leaded/stained glass windows, doors, lamp fixtures, etc.

We provide consulting services and conservation reports for historic stained glass. The intent of a conservation study is to provide an accurate assessment of the windows and to generate a cohesive approach to stabilizing and preserving the stained glass. These evaluations are a valuable tool for insurance purposes and property maintenance budgeting and provide an important archival record.

For estimates, please contact us at or 613-722-4852.