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Our Commitment

We promise to serve you, the public, to the best of our abilities, to your complete satisfaction and will try to be fair and reasonable with each customer with any complaint or adjustment by always considering the customer's point of view. 

It is very important that you inspect your order upon arrival and contact us within 10 days if there are any issues. If you wait any longer, the product may no longer be available or you may no longer be able to file a claim for insurance coverage provided by the carrier or for any additional insurance coverage added to your order. 

We appreciate your timeliness so that we can address any issues, provide the best advice and assist you with your order.



When you place an order via NAG Online, you will not receive an imprint but an email containing a preliminary receipt. By checking the box terms and conditions and the "Checkout" button below, you acknowledge that you are giving us permission to deduct the funds for this order including any shipping and/or applicable sales tax from your credit card account and that you are in acceptance of our policies.



Prices for each product you order through NAG Online are the prices displayed on the Website at the time of your purchase. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping and handling, and applicable taxes, are not included in the price. We reserve the right to modify the prices displayed on its website at any time and without prior notice. Prices displayed on NAG Online may differ from prices in the physical store. Products displayed on NAG Online may differ from products in the physical store.



Payment by credit card is the only accepted form of payment for products displayed on NAG Online. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. When you purchase a product on NAG Online you may print a preliminary receipt. A confirmation email will be emailed to you shortly after. 

The amount indicated at checkout must be paid using the procedure described during registration. The customer agrees to pay the total cost and fees related to the product purchased, including taxes. NAG Online may modify the price after proper notification to the customer. The customer alone is responsible for the actual payment for a product. The customer bears sole responsibility for the credit card payment for the service offered.



Receiving an order confirmation email does not necessarily mean that NAG Online has accepted your order, and does not confirm that NAG Online is under obligation to sell the products included in the order. NAG Online reserves the right, without any or further notice, to refuse to do business with a client and/or to establish limited quantities for any product included in an order.



An out-of-stock product is one that is not available, making it impossible to fulfill a complete purchase. It is possible that the product may be not available, recalled or discontinued.

NAG Online displays all the products that can be ordered but may not always be immediately available in the webstore inventory. In the event that NAG Online must wait for an out-of-stock product to be made available by suppliers, your order may be put on hold before it is shipped. NAG Online does not guarantee the availability of products displayed on its website. NAG Online will notify you before cancelling any orders. NAG Online is not responsible for any damages caused by any product being out of stock.



A grey box displayed in place of the quantity entry box means that the item is in restocking. Our shopping cart by default will not allow you to order some out-of-stock products. Under the “Out of Stock” gray box, there is a “Contact Me When Available” green button. You can subscribe for a “Back in Stock” alert (Email or SMS Text Message). You will receive a notification when the product is restocked and available for purchase.



NAG Online cannot guarantee the availability of products displayed on its website. However, if NAG Online cannot ship one or more ordered products due to a stock shortage, you may choose to receive a partial order, select an alternative product or wait for the missing product in order to receive a complete delivery. In such an event, NAG Online will notify you by email or phone when the product becomes available. NAG Online cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by any type of stock shortage.



NAG Online takes every effort to ensure that the product information displayed on the website is accurate. However, NAG Online does not guarantee that a product description, or any other content on NAG Online, is accurate, complete, reliable, up to date, or free of errors. In the event that such errors or information are discovered, NAG Online will notify its customers as quickly as possible. Please note that certain items and colours may be slightly different from the illustrations displayed on the website. If you receive a product displayed on NAG Online that does not correspond to its description, your only recourse is to return it to us in its original condition.



All prices are displayed in Canadian dollars, and applicable taxes will be added. All orders are payable in Canadian dollars. NAG Online reserves the right to change its prices at any time. Products are always charged based on the price at the time an order is registered.



Active discounts, when applicable to an item will be displayed above. Special discounts will be noted within the product description. If you do not see the discount display above an item then that item is excluded from a store wide discount. Current promotions and effective dates are shared through newsletters and are also posted on our webstore. Coupons must be entered exactly as provided, including upper and lower case.



NAG Online calculates taxes based on address. We collect Ontario Sales Tax on purchases.