"We are so happy with our window! Thanks so much for all your help and your staff, they were amazing and so accommodating at all times." -Mary & Ernie


"Northern Art Glass was involved in a major restoration of the stained glass windows. Their workmanship and performance was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them. " - Pierre Loyer - Supervisor/Properties, Notre Dame Basilica


" I want to express our heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional quality of work you folks provided...the final product has even exceeded our expectations!" - Rev. Chuck Spicer, Royal Ottawa Hospital Chapel


"Hello to all of you. Thanks so much for the tour of your store/shop the other day. We were amazed at the work you do. It was so kind of you to take the time out of your busy day to show us around and explain some of the techniques. Absolutely amazing." - Bonnie and Jp Belisle


"Your professional experience throughout our project made our dream come true. Thank you for the beautiful work!" - Father Antonio Pannunzi, Madonna Della Risurrezione

"Northern Art Glass Team, We are both so amazed at how much we love our new windows. Yes! You have our permission to feature a photo on your website. Have a super week and Merry Christmas." -Christine and Boyd


"Thanks to everyone who worked to make this wonderful piece." -Paul T.


"Northern Art Glass not only did a commendable job in preforming the physical work involved in this complex restoration, but were invaluable as consultants during our development of specifications." - Larry Gains - Project Architect, Christ Church Cathedral


"Greetings all, we are enjoying our windows very much. Please accept this note as our authorization/permission to include our windows on your website. Thank you for asking! " - Michael & Barbara H.

"The “Heron” stained glass project is complete this morning with the installation of the art work in the chosen space. It simply looks amazing. I will be contacting Vasile in the coming days to personally thank him again for the high quality work and to give him a standing invite to come for a visit and take a look for himself. The installation team were just wonderful to deal with, the passion for the work they do, very evident. Despite our initial change in direction, our total experience has been a very positive one with the final result being better than we had ever imagined. Thank you for your role in coordinating this project and in the recommendations you have made. Warmest regards" - Rick & Tracy

"It’s just stunning. Beautiful art. Love it."- Dinas B.

"Beautiful!" -Corina Bowering