Morton Wire & Lead Twister - MORTON GLASS WORK

Morton Wire & Lead Twister - MORTON GLASS WORK

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Use the Morton Twister to twist wire for your stained or fused glass decorative needs! Add this useful tool to your Morton System collection.

Angel halos and cowboy lassos are examples in stained glass where two copper wires are twisted together to make a decorative effects. 

The Twister can be used to create decorative borders from lead came. Start with a strip of "H" came that has been stretched straight. Stretching should be done over a table that is at least as long as the lead strip. Attach one end of the lead strip to the table and the other end to one loop eye of the Twister. Slowly twist the lead into a spiral design that can be use as a decorative border around many stained glass projects.

Coated steel wire frame with two white plastic handles. User instructions in package.