Used Taurus 3 Ring Saw - Great Deal!

Used Taurus 3 Ring Saw - Great Deal!

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Gently used and professionally maintained Taurus 3 Ring Saw at an incredibly reduced price! 

Additional blade and drive belt available for additional $100 (A $200 value)!  

The Taurus 3 Ring Saw is an advanced shape cutting saw and will greatly reduce your cutting time. All cuts on the ring saw can be made by moving the material forward, backward, left and right so rotation is not necessary. Diagonal directions are the strongest.


17 3/4" x 16" work surface
5 5/8"  throat depth, 1 1/2" throat height
1/5 horse power motor 
110 volt or 220 volt (w/ internal transformer) capacity. 1.3-1.7 amps 
1 Standard Ring Blade (installed)
Integrated spot light 
Removable face shield
1 Stabilizer Foot